What Are Cache-Control HTTP Headers? An Intro for WordPress Users

If you are familiar with how websites work, you would have probably heard the term “browser caching.” In simple terms, this is the mechanism where a website stores its resources (for example, images, and content) on its online visitors’ browsers. When a user revisits the website, their browser can load the stored website resources from […]

5 Mind-Blowing WordPress Giveaway Plugins to Boost Conversions

Internet users love free giveaways and contests that help them actively engage with websites. It is also the best way for website owners to attract more traffic to their business. Well-executed online giveaways and contests can tremendously increase your brand awareness and boost conversions. Here is how a giveaway contest can help your online business […]

How to Add Extra Field to WooCommerce Checkout Page

If you are running a WooCommerce-powered online business, you should know the importance of the Checkout page and how it can influence the shopper’s purchase decision. For best results, you need to customize the Checkout page exactly according to your business requirements. This is where WooCommerce custom fields can be handy. Through this blog, you […]

Developer’s Guide: How to Sell WordPress Plugins

With over 59,000 WordPress plugins (and counting), there is a global market for these tools across WordPress-powered websites. The tricky part is finding these potential customers. So, if you have just created your first WordPress plugin, you might also be wondering about the next obvious step: “how to sell WordPress plugins?” Thanks to WordPress’ popularity, […]

13 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs in 2022

Whether you are an amateur or professional blogger, WordPress is the right platform for you. After all, WordPress was started as a blogging tool, right? What’s more, you can start a website (for any purpose) with a few easy steps on WordPress. So, what makes WordPress the best platform for bloggers? Easy installation and user-friendliness […]

7 Best Payment Gateways for WordPress 2022

An easy and convenient payment system is the lifeblood of any eCommerce (or WooCommerce) website. Without an effective WordPress payment system, you cannot convert your potential customers into loyal buyers. A WooCommerce payment gateway is designed to simplify incoming payments and earn revenues for your online business. What exactly is a WordPress payment gateway and […]

12 Techniques of Website Speed Optimization: Performance Testing and Improvement Practices

In today’s connected world, website speed is an extremely critical factor in the customers’ browsing experience. A recent analysis found that, on average, a webpage takes around 10.3 seconds to load on a desktop and 27.3 seconds on a mobile phone. One in every four website visitors exit the website if it takes more than […]

The Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin

In this age of exceptional customer service, many companies are using live chats to speak directly with their customers or users. This is faster and more convenient than other customer support tools like calls, emails, or online forms. Besides, customers also prefer chatting with a chatbot or customer agent to get quick answers to their […]

Beginner’s Guide: How to Use WordPress Block Patterns

Designing your WordPress webpages from scratch requires advanced technical skills and a lot of time. However, many readymade tools and templates have now made the process easy and quick. Block Patterns, which were released with WordPress 5.8, are among such handy tools. As a WordPress developer, you are probably aware of the Gutenberg block editor […]

Interesting, Incredible, Impressive – All the Best WordPress Stats & Facts

Did you know that over 500 websites are built using WordPress every day? This is just one of the many interesting WordPress statistics that you have probably never heard. With a dominant 60.8% market share in the CMS domain, WordPress currently powers nearly 15% of the leading websites across the globe. If you love reading […]