Openstreetmap to wordpress

How Do I Add OpenStreetMap to WordPress?

Right from the time Google released its Google Maps tool, embedded mapping tools have now evolved to offer its users a host of navigational capabilities when on the move. Smartphone users can now easily find their way to the closest McDonald’s outlet using Google or Apple Siri. Businesses are using interactive maps on mobile phones […]

wordpress woocommerce shortcode

Everything About WooCommerce Shortcodes

Want to insert a live product search within a blog or webpage? Simple, just use WooCommerce shortcodes. In short, this WooCommerce feature allows you to display your online store information such as your top-selling products, displaying the shopping cart, and much more differently. Here’s everything that you need to know about WooCommerce plugin shortcodes. What […]

Password Protect Your WordPress Webpage

How to Password Protect Your WordPress Webpage?

How do you ensure that only selected or trusted users can access your WordPress or WooCommerce webpage? Simple, using password protection. Confused about how to password protect your WordPress webpage without creating a user account? You can now protect your entire WordPress website or a webpage, an individual post or blog, or any specific content. […]